These are some of the really cool vintage horns I have repaired lately!


Wayne Shorter's Balanced Action Tenor  before I overhauled it, left hand side.


Wayne Shorter's Balanced Action Tenor before the overhaul, right hand side.


Wayne's Balanced Action again, notice the blue pads and broken lower stack rod end.


A picture of Wayne's Balanced Action in pieces.  Check out those cone resonators!


Wayne's Balanced Action after the overhaul, nice and clean!  No more blue pads either!


Wayne's Balanced Action after the overhaul, with a custom sterling silver Series III neck.


Wayne's Balanced Action after the overhaul.  Check out that incredible engraving!!


Wayne's Balanced Action after the overhaul.  Those Martin Chanu pads look and feel great!


Wayne Shorter's  gold-plated Mark VI Tenor after the overhaul.  What a screamer!!


Wayne Shorter's Mark VI Tenor after the overhaul, left hand keys with Oleg key risers installed.


Wayne Shorter's Mark VI after the overhaul.  Notice the extra engraving on the bell!


Wayne's Mark VI after the overhaul.  I still can't get over that amazing engraving!!


A big dent in a beautiful 64,000 Mark VI tenor, thanks to Delta airlines and a gig bag!


Notice the out-of-round Low C tone hole in addition to the sharp crease.


This is what's necessary to take out a dent like that, but the result is worth the effort!


This is me clowning around with the disassembled sax!!  I shouldn't show this one!


Here it is after the repair.  It was completely smooth to the touch both inside and outside.


Another angle of the repair.  The orange-peel  appearance is because the of the dent crease.


Here is a shot that shows the trueness of the tone hole as well as the dent removal.


Thankfully, everything lined up when I put it back together, and it played better than ever!


A brand new Selmer Reference 54 Alto Sax with blue electrical tape (from the factory) holding the bow to the bell.  No wonder the customer was complaining that the bell was moving!


A shot of the Reference 54 with the bow removed.  There's some adhesive residue but soon that will be cleaned off and solder will join the bow and bell sections. 

This is a shot of the bow section which also has some adhesive residue remaining but will be cleaned off for soldering.  This should come out perfect!

This is the finished product with nice bead of solder all the way around the bow, no burned lacquer and a nice air-tight seal.  The bell  doesn't move anymore either!


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