My three main areas of service are:  Music Performance (including entertainment consultation and contracting), Instrument Repair, and Education


Music Performance:

Ever since the age of 5, I have wanted to play the saxophone.  I first heard that instrument because my Mom was listening to Boots Randolph's Yakety Sax album and I thought that was the coolest thing I ever heard!  My Dad was also a music aficionado, listening to mostly Big Band Swing but also being a fan of other styles of music as well.  A few years later, I discovered all kinds of other sax players and styles of music (Supertramp, Hall & Oates, Alan Parsons Project, and since then countless influences) and I was hooked!  Upon realizing that I was destined to play music professionally (I originally wanted to be an airline pilot because my mom said I should pursue a "real" career and that playing music for a living was a pipe dream.  Fast forward to high-school when I failed the vision test to get into the Navy aviation program and that shot down [no pun intended] my career as a military aviator!), I have practiced hard to be the very best musician that I can be.  My equipment is state of the art and I take great pride in every aspect of the business, assuring you of a memorable performance (for all the right reasons!).  I am very passionate about music and I want to share that passion with as many as possible so that everyone will see the value of music in our culture.  When it comes to planning music for your next event, I promise to make it perfect in every way and stress-free!  Although I do provide different types of ensembles for any occasion, I specialize in Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Church Events, and Concerts.


Instrument Repair:

I initially wanted to learn the art of musical instrument repair because while in music school, I couldn't find anybody to do the kind of repairs I was looking for.  I didn't want my horn just to play well, I wanted it to be perfect!  I do believe that most instruments (some of the newer super cheap instruments are the exception) can be made to perform at whatever level the player wants them to play at, and that is what I have been seeking to achieve in the work that I do.  Although I had originally wanted to learn how to fix instruments so that I could make my own horns play better, I soon learned that I really enjoyed making other musicians' instruments play better.  I began an apprenticeship with master-craftsman Tom Kracmer in 1993 and began doing professional work in 1996.  Today, I am doing work for students and professionals from all over the U.S. as well as a few musical celebrities(!)  I believe that this aspect of being able to repair has had the most profound impact on my playing ability.  It has allowed me to achieve my full performance potential on my own instruments by making them play effortlessly.  An old saying goes:  "A poor musician blames their instrument"!  Well, I can't blame mine any more and I hope that all of the musicians who let me work on their horns won't try to blame theirs!  All of this ties in with education as well.  Not only can I fix my students horns thereby helping to relieve some of their equipment problems, but I can help them to learn a little about diagnosing problems and teaching them to do some of their own repairs.  Please visit my instrument repair page!



Although I started out with the intention to be a performer, I soon learned the value of education, not only in the respect of those who have educated me, but how I would become an educator myself.  Teaching others about music has opened my mind in ways I never would have thought possible when I started playing almost 30 years ago.  It has made me realize how I do certain things so that I can show others how to do them as well, and has shown me the flaws in my own playing.  Another aspect that I have learned to cultivate is that of excitement.  If I am not passionate about my own music, I certainly won't be able to motivate students to become passionate about the music they create.  These are just a few of the ways that performance and teaching go together and I certainly feel that by developing my teaching abilities, my performance abilities have been greatly enhanced. 


I have been blessed by God with these talents and I am excited to be able to use them to help others.  Above all, I am very grateful to be able to have a career doing the things I love the most.  If I may be of service to you in any of these areas, please contact me and I will be glad to help.  Thank you!


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